Services & Pricing

Our regular grooming services are for pets 30lbs and smaller, with the exception of Paw Promo Days!

Our service options can be split into three categories. Full Service Grooming, Specialty Services, and Stand-Alone Services. Excluded Services are listed at the bottom of the page.

Prices are structured to accommodate business expenses, professional experience, and local cost of living. These numbers are different for every business. Here at Retro Rover LLC we do not base our pricing off of fellow businesses and we do not offer price matching or coupons. This policy helps us to maintain our specific needs and stay in business so we can continue providing quality care to our clients. Prices listed are approximate starting prices and subject to change.

Retainer Fee Charge
Full Service Grooming $50
Stand-Alone Appointment $30

A Retainer Fee is required to book an appointment for each pet. The Retainer Fee is applied to your service total and is non refundable. This fee can be allocated to a future grooming appointment if cancellation or rescheduling is needed. If proper notice is not given to cancel or reschedule an appointment the Retainer Fee is forfeit.

Full Service Grooming

Our Full Service Grooming packages are all inclusive. There is no need to add-on upgraded shampoo, conditioner, or nail filing. It is all in the package.

Bath: $80-100

This is for smooth coated or long haired dogs without double coats. It includes a bath with shampoo and conditioner best suited to your pet's skin and coat type, towel off and blow dry, brushing out and comb through, ear cleaning, and nail trimming or grinding.

Double Coated pets automatically receive the De-Shed Bath as it is more appropriate for their coat type and skin health.

De-Shed Bath: $90-110

This is for dogs with smooth or double coats. Double coated dogs automatically receive a de-shed bath in order to thoroughly groom them. This is best practice and helps avoid the coat becoming impacted and causing skin issues. It is optional for smooth coated pets to help decrease shedding. It includes a bath with shampoo and conditioner formulated to stimulate hair follicles and release undercoat, towel off and blow dry, extra brushing and comb through with coat specific de-shed tools, ear cleaning, and nail trimming or grinding.

Trim & Tidy: $100-120

In addition to a Full Service Bath this includes light trimming around the eyes, feet, and sanitary area. If more thorough trimming is desired you must select a Full Haircut or inquire about our Hand Scissor service.

Full Haircut: $110-160

In addition to a Full Service Bath this includes an all over body haircut with a clippered length and a scissor finish with the face, ears, tail, and feet in a style of your choice. If you desire a length longer than the clipper attachment combs provide you should inquire about our Hand Scissor service.

Feline Bath: $120+

This includes a bath with shampoo and conditioner best suited to your cat's skin and coat, towel off and blow dry, brush out and comb through, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. We do not file cat nails.
Cats are sensitive and high stress can cause serious medical harm. The grooming process will be stopped if a cat is not cooperating or is showing signs of higher stress. This is for their safety and ours.

Feline Haircut: $150+

In addition to a Full Service Bath your cat will be shaved on either parts or all of their body depending on preference. Head, legs, and feet are never shaved, but paw pads may be trimmed.

Cats are sensitive and high stress can cause serious medical harm. The grooming process will be stopped if a cat is not cooperating or is showing signs of higher stress. This is for their safety and ours.

Specialty Services

Specialty services do not qualify for online booking without a consultation. Your groomer will add these services to your appointment and invoice as needed after consult.

Hand Scissor: $100/hr

Hand Scissored haircut in lieu of a clippered haircut for when requested hair length and design is longer or more detailed than the clippers and attachments can accommodate.

This service is only offered for well maintained dogs that do not need mat removal. If matting is a recurring issue, we suggest a shorter clippered length to make your pets coat easier to maintain at home.

Hand Stripping: $160/hr

This grooming method is breed specific and, while generally healthier for the skin and coat, it is a high maintenance grooming method requireing more frequent appointments to maintain.

Some mixed breed pets have coats complimentary to this method.

We currently offer pet maintenance grooming which involves shaving flatwork and paw pads and hand stripping or carding the remainder of workable areas. You can opt to forgo any shaving if you'd like to maintain the flatwork at home.

We do not maintain Show Dogs. The time and cost ratio for maintaining showable coats is not conducive to our business model. We highly suggest finding an experienced handler, or learning this skill from your breeder, if you intend to show your pet.

Mat Removal: $15/15mins

When a pet's coat maintenance is neglected and tangles form into matting, it requires removal or de-matting. If the matting isn't too severe it can be removed with more tedious and careful brushing and combing. If the mats are too tight to the skin, or if the skin is too sensitive to tolerate the extra brushing required, then they will be shaved out.

Mobility Accessory Application: $50

This includes the APPLICATION ONLY (NO PRODUCTS PROVIDED) of orthopedic assistance/mobility devices such as nail bands or adhesive paw pad grips. Clients provide orthopedic accessories. Consulting your veterinarian before use of these products is highly recommended.

Prescription Bath: $10

This applies to pets who have shampoo prescribed by their veterinarian. Medicated shampoo takes longer to apply due to the soaking time. The shampoo can also leave residue on the coat and skin that is not conducive to a good coat finish. This requires extra attention to the haircut. We are not liable for any reaction your pet may have to the provided prescription shampoo.

Stand-Alone Services

Stand-Alone Services offer necessary maintenance right to your doorstep without needing to book a Full Service Grooming.

A Travel Fee applies to these services.


*If you are booking multiple pets in your household for Stand-Alone Services this fee only applies once per household per day. If you already have a pet booked for a Full Service Grooming and would like to add a Stand-Alone Service for another pet in the household this fee does not apply.

Travel Fee: $30

This Fee is a once per household per day charge for Stand-Alone services only. This Fee does not apply to any Full Service Grooming or Stand-Alone service being added to a Full Service Grooming appointment. I you have multiple pets receiving a Stand-Alone service on the same day at the same time only one Travel Fee is applied.

Nail Trimming: $20

Nails are clipped and then filed smooth with a rotary tool and contoured diamond bit. Nail grinding is complimentary, but only performed if the pet is cooperative. Nail grinding is not offered for cats.

Ear Cleaning: $15

The ears are flushed with a liquid ear cleaner and then wiped with cotton swab to remove oils and debris. Please inform your groomer if your pet has a perforated eardrum so special care can be taken to avoid injury.

Nail & Ear Combo: $25

Nail Trimming & Ear Cleaning Services combined.

Mobility Accessory Application: $50

APPLICATION ONLY. PRODUCT NOT INCLUDED. Application of orthopedic assistance/mobility products such as ToeGrips, PawFriction, and Traction Pads that improve your pet's stability and traction.

Excluded Services:


Anal Glands & Ear Hair

Anal Gland Expression and Ear Hair Plucking will only be provided with a written recommendation from your veterinarian and a signed release of liability form at the discretion of your groomer. Whether or not these services fall under Veterinary or Grooming jurisdiction is a legal gray area and has been hotly debated within the Pet Industry and Law which is why we have prerequisites to providing these services.

Ear Hair Plucking in pets with overgrowth can mitigate the frequent occurance of ear infections by increasing air flow and releasing trapped wax and debris. This is not recommended for pets with little ear hair growth and healthy ears as it can cause more irritation than it can prevent.

External Anal Gland Expression can cause tissue damage and make pets dependent on manual expression. Healthy pets do not need help expressing their glands. If a pet needs help then it needs to see a veterinarian. The veterinarian can determine whether continued maintenance can be performed by your groomer.

Please view this Mercola Healthy Pets video on the subject.


Teethbrushing is not offered as a standard service. The results of one toothbrushing every month or two is negligible. Teeth should be maintained regularly at home to accomplish any results.

We will however brush the teeth if the client provides their pet's toothpaste and toothbrush from home for their grooming appointment, at no charge, provided the pet is cooperative.


Flea & Tick Bath

Please seek advice and treatment from your veterinarian. To mitigate the risk of infestation clients are highly encouraged to have their pets on a regular flea and tick preventative.

This business is a luxury mobile service with a small workspace that caters to clients on a maintenance schedule. Encountering a pet with a flea infestation in our van would require mandatory down time to treat the van and rescheduling of that days appointments in order to prevent the spread to other clients. This would not be considerate to our other clients or cost effective for our business model.

Pets on our schedule found to have a flea infestation may be subject to an additional fee.



We do not offer this service due to the shear staying power of Skunk anal gland secretions. It would require too much downtime to rid the van of the smell. Fortunately for us, due to the nature of mobile grooming appointments and the nature of when skunking happens, this is rarely an issue that would fall under our jurisdiction anyway.

Please enjoy this comprehensive article of how to deal with this at home: